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Training and Onboarding

It is psychologically proven that information is better absorbed when passed through videos, especially if they have a captivating narrative. Institutional training videos are an excellent strategy tool not only for understanding the message that was passed but also as a great financial and time savings for your company in addition to standardizing information.

Integration, presentation or security events, for example, demand complicated logistics and it is usually necessary to repeat them for new teams. Investing in a corporate training video guarantees the possibility for your company to use it as many times as necessary and for your employees to watch it whenever they want.

  • Investing in a good corporate training video is essential to increase employee productivity, engagement and motivation.
  • It doesn't have to be just recordings. The use of animation, for example, is most welcome when explaining complex and abstract topics.



People absorb good stories better. A good screenwriter is essential to create attractive narratives that captivatingly develop what your company wants to convey so that the employee truly absorbs and understands the training.


The quality of the video reflects on capturing your employee's attention and absorbing information. Good videos need adequate lighting, good audio recording and above all equipment chosen precisely for the specific purpose of your corporate training.


Using technological resources helps your message to be more assertive. Complex or less tangible explanations are better assimilated with the help of animations. It is also possible to create characters that clarify the training in question in a more didactic way.


People are more inclined to listen to people they know. Depicting a co-worker or boss talking as directly as possible to the viewer ensures that your training video feels natural and engaging.

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


We have a team of screenwriters specialized in institutional storytelling with vast experience in corporate and training videos.


We believe audiovisual productions can truly improve and simplify the relationship between a brand and its employees. That's why we're concerned about getting to know your company in depth to present it in the most faithful way possible.


We offer cinematic quality to our products. Allied to our expertise and speed in meeting corporate demands, your company will have an exceptional training video that responds to all your demands.